Knitting by cover of night


Eat Real Festival – Oakland 2010

Saturday at the Eat Real Fesitval.  We arrived early before the craziness really began and ate our way from beginning to end.  First up was Soul Cocina’s California Bhel Puri.  I, personally, love bhel puri so I was a bit concerned about the ‘califoniacation’ it was about to under go.  Silly me!  This was excellent – maybe my favorite thing I ate all day.  Fresh tomatoes, homemade chutney (from a bike powered blender), and all the crunchy yumminess that bhel puri usually has.  Only with this kind I don’t think I will have major tummy regret an hour later.

Next up: Namu – We had the okonomiyaki with an egg on top – can’t pronounce it but it sure was delicious.  I really wish we had had either napkins or better utensils for this one.  It was messy on just a paper plate, especially with the egg on top.

The baby was getting a bit cranky from being stuck in the stroller so we tried Cranky Boots Cold Confections popcicles – R and I enjoyed it but I’m not sure it did anything for the kiddo.  However, moving over to the kayak eating area where he could get up and run around seemed to make him very happy.  You want to know what makes me happy??  THIS:

Gobba Gobba Hey Orange Cardamom “gob” (kinda like a whoopie pie of awesomeness).  So good it’s also in the running for best thing I ate today.   Now to see what tomorrow brings.


Oh man…

See that STR Gibson Mediumweight below – still in a ball… almost 1 year later.

What have I been doing?

My husband would like a blog update – which is odd as he get the live knitting updates every night.  So – New Rule – I can now only have one difficult project on the needles at a time.  I was going to start the Clandestine socks (because clearly Cookie designed them just for me) but after reading the pattern I decided they were too difficult to start with the Shipwreck still in progress.  So what have I been doing?  I’ve been winding yarn into balls.

STR Gibson Mediumweight

STR Gibson Mediumweight


Louet Riverstone

Louet Riverstone

I think this is my favorite part of any project

The Shipwreck sails on

The shipwreck shawl lives! The beading section was going really, really slowly (OMG so slow) but has picked up now. My beads will be very dense near the center, gradually getting more disperse so for the first 5 rows it was beading every stitch. Now I’m up to every 5th stitch and am finally feeling the progress. I am officially half way through the netting. Hopefully I will finish sometime next week or the week after. Then, blocking

Dead in the Water

Our ship is not sunk but it sure isn’t going anywhere either.  I’m totally stuck on row 16 of the Madeira pattern… just like everyone else who knits this pattern.  Except no, there are many, many completed projects so clearly some people know what to do when they move that marker.  It’s the double yarn overs that are killing me.  I just can’t believe that it’s supposed to work that way.  I have asked the great lord Ravelry for help and hope to be sailing again soon.

Note: tinking back 290 lace stitches really sucks.

Unrelated Note: dying yarn with kool-aid is totally addictive

Rip Tide

After finishing the bleeding hearts section (lovely), it was time to increase from 144 st to 290 st.  So far the shawl has been going really fast.  However this jump seems to be the speed breaker.  People, 290 stitches is a lot.  Next up, the Mediera section.

I have read a lot of discussion on this section so I knew that I should put in a life line.  Good decision since I messed up 4 rows in (not even the move marker line… just a normal screwup). Ripped back, try again.  It’s going much more smoothly this time.  I have made it up to line 11 where you start moving markers.  The key seems to be not to think to much.  It says move the marker forward, move the marker forward.  It says to move the marker back, move the marker back.  The pattern looks good so keep going.

On the high seas

Day two of the Shipwrecked Shawl adventure:

I did end up changing to 24″ #4s at the 144 stitch mark.  I think it was a good decision.  The knitting was a little tight for a round or two but nothing crazy and it is much easier to manage the pattern repeats on circulars rather than dpns.  I also ended up putting in a lifeline before I started the bleeding hearts section.  Also a good decision.  I don’t think I will need it but I did think I had messed up my stitch count a couple of times and it was nice to know I wasn’t totally screwed.

I am currently at the last line it the bleeding hearts chart where it says to move the marker 1 stitch to the left.  Thanks to Ravelry (knittingharpy to the rescue) I can confirm that this means to do the following

1) remove the marker
2) knit one stitch
3) replace the marker
4) go on with the pattern from the beginning of the line – k4, yo, k1, yo, k4, k3tog

OK, I’m going to finish this last line and go to bed.