Knitting by cover of night



Ok, started this project tonight with Malabrigo sock in Cote d’Azure. I am in love with this colorway. I plan to keep up my notes here so let’s start:

Cast cn using the circular cast on with crochet hook. The cast on described in the pattern is really difficult. Getting the stitches on the needles isn’t hard but knitting the first round is bitch. Circular cast on = much easier.

In one evening I have made it to the bleeding hearts section. I’m not sure when to switch to the 24″ circular needle or if I should place a lifeline now. I think I will go ahead and try both.



I do not knit socks.

I have never understood knitting socks when one can so easily buy them at Old Navy for 5 bucks.  Maybe it’s because socks are worn in your shoe so they are very little seen, or because you have to wash them so often, or because the yarn is so thin and the needles are so small.  Probably all of the above.  BUT, Christmas is here and that means knitting for boys (hi, dad).  So I am knitting socks – these socks, in fact.  And once again, I am amazed.  I love these socks.  They are knit in aran weight yarn on reasonably sized needles and go so fast.  I love the color changes (I rarely knit in multi colored yarns as I never think I would end up wearing it).  I love turning a heel – it’s magic.  I finished one last night and immediately cast on the second one.  I don’t knit socks but I do read blogs from people who do and know the second sock can be a problem.  I’m not sure it will be for me this time… I love these socks.

Maybe I need to knit more socks… more more more!

February In July In December

This is sort of a cheat.  I have been working on a the Februaray Lady sweater for my sister since July but since I’ve only just finished, it will now be a Christmas present.  There is an excellent excuse for why it took me 5 months to finish a sweater… I had a baby in between.  Understandably, he has been taking up a lot of my knitting time.

But now it is done, done, done.  It took far more yarn than I thought, far more than the pattern called for which required multiple trips to downtown San Francisco (once with a 2 month old).  The yarn is Ming from ArtFibers.  It is only sold at their store or on their website and I knew that my dye lot was long gone.  I needed to go to the store and try to get the closest match I could.  ArtFibers will soon be closing their store and I know it must be a difficult time for the owners.  Given that, it was all the more amazing how nice the owner was when I got there.  The baby had been sleeping but woke up in the heat of the store (it was a really hot day and the store was even hotter).  He was hungry, cranky, and all around a newborn.  When I explained over his howls that he was hungry and that I would be out of there in a minute, she said not to worry about it and directed me to a comfy chair in their ‘yarn tasting’ area where I could nurse him back into a good mood.  After he was fed she held him while I collected my purchases and organized my bag.  Truly a life safer on that day.

So nice, so understanding and helpful.

Anyway, one Christmas present down and here it is… N’s Februaray Sweater

February Lady Sweater

February Lady Sweater

Another View

Another View

The Christmas of the Stash

Announcement!  This year I will only knit Christmas gifts from stash yarn.  Usually I choose my projects then run to the yarn store to buy the needed yarn… this ends up with me spending far more money than I would if I just went out and bought everyone something.  Think about it:

1) You choose your projects.

2) You go to the yarn store and fall in love with half the yarn there because all the good winter colors have come out.

3) You pick up some yarn that fits the projects you chose.

4) Decided you don’t like that yarn.

5) Find better, more expenisive yarn that doesn’t fit your project

6) Buy it anyway along with the backup yarn for your choosen pattern

7) Immediately cast on with fancy yarn for some non-Christmas knitting

8) Never touch backup yarn

9) Run out of time for Christmas knitting playing with pretty impulse yarn

10) Go out and buy Christmas gifts

Not me, not this year my friends!  This year there will be knitting from stash only.  Since none of my gift recipients read this blog (given its clandestine nature) finished projects will be posted here to keep me on track.  At this time I am planning on knitting 5-7 gifts.  Let’s see how I do.

Where be my stylesheet?

My sadly neglected blog has lost its stylesheet.  I will fix and update – much has happened since I stopped writing stuff here.


Alas, the Clapotis. It has grown too large. I am debating whether or not to rip back and in the mean time have put the project on a time out. A careful, reasonable approach, I think. But it left me without a shawl to wear to the wedding of a friend. Could I go buy one? yes. Could I just not wear a shawl? of course. Are any of these acceptable propositions? no way. I knit, damn it, and I will wear something that I made.

I needed a project that was fast as I only had 2 weeks to wedding so I thought Wisp would be a good choice. But here’s the thing, I hate mohair. Hate it. It knots and sheds and makes me sneeze. Down with mohair! Clearly, mohair was out. I did have some lovely Silk Tweed from Garnstudio that I had bought without a purpose. About the correct yardage in a very nice orange – it’s a winner.

And here we go:


Yarn: Garnstudio, Silke-Tweed – 2 1/2 skeins
Start Date:
August 2007
End Date:
September 2007
Wisp available at for free

Of course, it was about 78 degrees that day and I never wore it…

More Beautiful Yarn

More lovely, lovely yarn.  As beautiful as it is to look at, it is even better to knit.

I have just cast on for the Silk Camisole from Last Minute Knitted Gifts using Addi Turbo Lace needles.  Mmmmm, luxury knitting.