Knitting by cover of night


I do not knit socks.

I have never understood knitting socks when one can so easily buy them at Old Navy for 5 bucks.  Maybe it’s because socks are worn in your shoe so they are very little seen, or because you have to wash them so often, or because the yarn is so thin and the needles are so small.  Probably all of the above.  BUT, Christmas is here and that means knitting for boys (hi, dad).  So I am knitting socks – these socks, in fact.  And once again, I am amazed.  I love these socks.  They are knit in aran weight yarn on reasonably sized needles and go so fast.  I love the color changes (I rarely knit in multi colored yarns as I never think I would end up wearing it).  I love turning a heel – it’s magic.  I finished one last night and immediately cast on the second one.  I don’t knit socks but I do read blogs from people who do and know the second sock can be a problem.  I’m not sure it will be for me this time… I love these socks.

Maybe I need to knit more socks… more more more!


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