Knitting by cover of night

February In July In December

This is sort of a cheat.  I have been working on a the Februaray Lady sweater for my sister since July but since I’ve only just finished, it will now be a Christmas present.  There is an excellent excuse for why it took me 5 months to finish a sweater… I had a baby in between.  Understandably, he has been taking up a lot of my knitting time.

But now it is done, done, done.  It took far more yarn than I thought, far more than the pattern called for which required multiple trips to downtown San Francisco (once with a 2 month old).  The yarn is Ming from ArtFibers.  It is only sold at their store or on their website and I knew that my dye lot was long gone.  I needed to go to the store and try to get the closest match I could.  ArtFibers will soon be closing their store and I know it must be a difficult time for the owners.  Given that, it was all the more amazing how nice the owner was when I got there.  The baby had been sleeping but woke up in the heat of the store (it was a really hot day and the store was even hotter).  He was hungry, cranky, and all around a newborn.  When I explained over his howls that he was hungry and that I would be out of there in a minute, she said not to worry about it and directed me to a comfy chair in their ‘yarn tasting’ area where I could nurse him back into a good mood.  After he was fed she held him while I collected my purchases and organized my bag.  Truly a life safer on that day.

So nice, so understanding and helpful.

Anyway, one Christmas present down and here it is… N’s Februaray Sweater

February Lady Sweater

February Lady Sweater

Another View

Another View


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