Knitting by cover of night

Dead in the Water

Our ship is not sunk but it sure isn’t going anywhere either.  I’m totally stuck on row 16 of the Madeira pattern… just like everyone else who knits this pattern.  Except no, there are many, many completed projects so clearly some people know what to do when they move that marker.  It’s the double yarn overs that are killing me.  I just can’t believe that it’s supposed to work that way.  I have asked the great lord Ravelry for help and hope to be sailing again soon.

Note: tinking back 290 lace stitches really sucks.

Unrelated Note: dying yarn with kool-aid is totally addictive


One response

  1. Virginia Shen

    You’re killing me smalls. Don’t leave me in suspense like this.

    June 19, 2009 at 9:03 am

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