Knitting by cover of night

Rip Tide

After finishing the bleeding hearts section (lovely), it was time to increase from 144 st to 290 st.  So far the shawl has been going really fast.  However this jump seems to be the speed breaker.  People, 290 stitches is a lot.  Next up, the Mediera section.

I have read a lot of discussion on this section so I knew that I should put in a life line.  Good decision since I messed up 4 rows in (not even the move marker line… just a normal screwup). Ripped back, try again.  It’s going much more smoothly this time.  I have made it up to line 11 where you start moving markers.  The key seems to be not to think to much.  It says move the marker forward, move the marker forward.  It says to move the marker back, move the marker back.  The pattern looks good so keep going.


One response

  1. Doing Shipwreck now, on Row 15 of Mediera Section, and unless I’ve knitted incorrectly (hope not), the first marker move one stitch to the left leaves me as follows: yo, ssk (but the marker is between the two stitches that need to be knit together), continue pattern. Is this incorrect or are we over-thinking the directions?

    September 30, 2009 at 1:08 pm

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