Knitting by cover of night

On the high seas

Day two of the Shipwrecked Shawl adventure:

I did end up changing to 24″ #4s at the 144 stitch mark.  I think it was a good decision.  The knitting was a little tight for a round or two but nothing crazy and it is much easier to manage the pattern repeats on circulars rather than dpns.  I also ended up putting in a lifeline before I started the bleeding hearts section.  Also a good decision.  I don’t think I will need it but I did think I had messed up my stitch count a couple of times and it was nice to know I wasn’t totally screwed.

I am currently at the last line it the bleeding hearts chart where it says to move the marker 1 stitch to the left.  Thanks to Ravelry (knittingharpy to the rescue) I can confirm that this means to do the following

1) remove the marker
2) knit one stitch
3) replace the marker
4) go on with the pattern from the beginning of the line – k4, yo, k1, yo, k4, k3tog

OK, I’m going to finish this last line and go to bed.


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