Knitting by cover of night

The Christmas of the Stash

Announcement!  This year I will only knit Christmas gifts from stash yarn.  Usually I choose my projects then run to the yarn store to buy the needed yarn… this ends up with me spending far more money than I would if I just went out and bought everyone something.  Think about it:

1) You choose your projects.

2) You go to the yarn store and fall in love with half the yarn there because all the good winter colors have come out.

3) You pick up some yarn that fits the projects you chose.

4) Decided you don’t like that yarn.

5) Find better, more expenisive yarn that doesn’t fit your project

6) Buy it anyway along with the backup yarn for your choosen pattern

7) Immediately cast on with fancy yarn for some non-Christmas knitting

8) Never touch backup yarn

9) Run out of time for Christmas knitting playing with pretty impulse yarn

10) Go out and buy Christmas gifts

Not me, not this year my friends!  This year there will be knitting from stash only.  Since none of my gift recipients read this blog (given its clandestine nature) finished projects will be posted here to keep me on track.  At this time I am planning on knitting 5-7 gifts.  Let’s see how I do.


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