Knitting by cover of night


Alas, the Clapotis. It has grown too large. I am debating whether or not to rip back and in the mean time have put the project on a time out. A careful, reasonable approach, I think. But it left me without a shawl to wear to the wedding of a friend. Could I go buy one? yes. Could I just not wear a shawl? of course. Are any of these acceptable propositions? no way. I knit, damn it, and I will wear something that I made.

I needed a project that was fast as I only had 2 weeks to wedding so I thought Wisp would be a good choice. But here’s the thing, I hate mohair. Hate it. It knots and sheds and makes me sneeze. Down with mohair! Clearly, mohair was out. I did have some lovely Silk Tweed from Garnstudio that I had bought without a purpose. About the correct yardage in a very nice orange – it’s a winner.

And here we go:


Yarn: Garnstudio, Silke-Tweed – 2 1/2 skeins
Start Date:
August 2007
End Date:
September 2007
Wisp available at for free

Of course, it was about 78 degrees that day and I never wore it…


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