Knitting by cover of night


I admit to being a love them and leave them sort when it comes to knitting. I often have many romances going on at once, carefully scheduling my time so they don’t find out about each other and no one gets too lonely. However, I find that Miss Hana and the Clapotis have stolen my knitting heart completely and for the first time I have found that I am being loyal to one romance above all else. I even frogged the ill fated Padded Socklets in favor of spending more time with Miss Hana. Now, that might have had something to do with a little thing called gauge and the fact that I was 1) nowhere near it and 2) could not possibly have knit any tighter. On a side note, what the hell is up with KnitPicks yarn? Does the weight they claim yarn to be have any relationship with reality? Whatev…

But the Clapotis rolls on. Beautiful, light, somewhat difficult (we have found our rhythm and things are going more smoothly) and completely charming in every way.  I now realize that it will be huge but I don’t care… more of it to love.


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