Knitting by cover of night

Clapotis Project of Difficulty and Frustration

Being the last knitter in the known world to begin a Clapotis, I felt that I should add a little dash of derring-do to the project to cover for my lateness. The shawl itself is simple and beautiful, invoking the diagonal pattern of waves along the coast. At the current time, Ravelry has 1222 Clapotis projects… I am now one of them. The pattern’s simplicity allows the yarn to really be the star and gives the knitter an opportunity to use that yarn she bought because it was pretty/soft/unusual/yummy even though she had absolutely no idea what she would ever do with it.

So, now to the derring-do… I am attempting my Clapotis in Noro Hana Silk… a yarn so beautiful and difficult that even though I bought a whole bag at the Article Pract 50% off sale, I have never, ever had any real plan to knit it. The thread part of the yarn is just that, a thread. The rest is made up of little fringe loops that create a ribbon-like yarn with one side connected and the other left free to fan out. As the yarn is silk, each little loop catches the light and the yarn itself looks like wave caps on open water… beautiful. But wow, is it difficult to knit with. Somehow it manages to be both slippery (the silk) and sticky (the loops) simultaneously. I truly believe that ripping back to any point (other than a complete frogging) is impossible. Plus, the ribbon make your stitches blend together, so good luck if you forget your place or need to count rows.


Last night, disaster struck. I realized I had forgotten a yarn over on the previous row and was forced to tink back an entire row – 76 stitches (no ripping, remember). I hope this is the last misfortune we face… but I doubt it. Miss Hana is sly and nefarious in her attempts to mess with my Clapotis. I have my eye on here now.


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