Knitting by cover of night

Interweave Fall 07

The preview of Interweave’s Fall 2007 issue is out! Yippie. This is the first issue edited by Eunny Jang, Interweave’s new Editor and author of See Eunny Knit. I’ve got to say that the issue looks pretty good – better than the last few I’ve seen. So here is my list of projects categorized from favs to least favs – all pictures are from Interweave’s site. The link above will take you to the full list.

How do I categorize projects? Like this:

  • I must knit you now, now!
  • I will cut this project out of the magazine and keep in the project folder
  • Poopy bucket projects (hello recycling bin):

Must Knit

Tangled Yoke Cardigan

Counterpane Pullover

Project to Save for Later

Snowflake Socks

Tilted Duster

I’m not sure this will complement my body type. It looks like it would flatter big girls and itty bitty girls but maybe not medium sized girls

Poopy Bucket (no, No, NO!)

Nomad Hat and Scarf – WTF?!
Little Red Dress – um, no
Sweetheart Vest – not a child, don’t want to dress like one


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