Knitting by cover of night

Finish Up Already!

I am one repeat and an edging away from being done with my latest blanket.

I cannot wait.

It’s not that I don’t love this project, I do. I am just emotionally, physically, and psychologically ready for it to be done. The pattern is the lovely Diamond and Smocked Baby Blanket found by Craftster Narisha. I highly suggest knitting it.

A little background: This is my second baby blanket in a row. The first, the Snapping Turtle Blanket, was a learning experience as it was the first time I had seriously modified a pattern (I turned a skirt into a blanket) and it involved picking up many, many stitches. It took a long time. Soon after it was complete, I started this one. I have now come to believe that two blankets in a row is too much for me. I am weak. I need a sock, a glovelet, a headband, anything that can be easily carried around in a bag and can be finished in a few days.

Now, can someone tell my friends to stop having baby’s so close together? I could use the break.


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