Knitting by cover of night

A Small Case of Startitis

I have come down with a small case of startitis.  In general, this sad affliction tends in infect the knitting area of my life.  This time, the nasty little bug seems to have spread to what I would call “knitting adjacent” areas.

  • A DPN case – “I’ll make the one from Craftster and it will turn out great and I will never lose the 5th needle again!”
  • Plan Christmas knitting – “Yes, how very smart, how very proactive.  To be thinking of Chrismas in July is almost saintly.”
  • Buy Yarn – “Well, one can’t possibly plan Christmas knitting without buying yarn.” (one symptom of startitis is stash blindness)
  • Read the new Harry Potter book – Too late, the book has already been stolen by the better half.
  • Start a knitting blog – “I love blogs, I read lots of blogs everyday, and starting a blog doesn’t require extra shelving…”

et voila, a blog is born.


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